A cylindrical waterfall performers touch, brush against and cross, a water wall that seems to trap them. Like magical apparitions we see them play, enjoy themselves and go towards each other to then push away and interact for unexpected evolutions.

Watering is an original, fun, surprising, interactive show.


The scenographic structure allows the audience to have a 360 degree view. The show can therefore be perfectly placed at the centre of any open or closed space: squares, discotheques, shopping malls, and the most diverse locations used for events or dinners are only some of the possible venues for this show.

Music, duration of the performances and number of performers are variable and can be agreed with the client. Choreographies can be re-elaborated based on specific needs.

It’s also possible to involve the audience upon request before or after the show during pool parties, swimwear fashion shows and other events. Participants will feel the thrill of going beneath the waterfall or playing with it in complete safety.