Choreographies for Events

Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory for companies, fashion, concerts, television productions, exhibitions, inaugurations and ceremonies.

Ivan Manzoni, choreographer and artistic director of the company creates choreographies involving from one to many artists and using from the simplest to the most complex technical solutions.

Choreographies, aerial performances, parcour and alternating of evolutions on elastic trampolines are only some of the artistic variations the company can develop to meet the needs of the client and the characteristics of the locations.

During ceremonies in stadiums or similar venues and on the occasion of international events, Manzoni creates unique, fascinating, surprising moments that remain engraved in the memory of the spectator.

Since the beginning of its activity the company has partnered with many renowned brands to promote their products. Continuous research, an experienced choreographer and experimenting with stage equipment and machinery confer a new energy and attractiveness to any event and offer winning solutions for the most diverse needs.

Ivan Manzoni’s main objectives in the creative phase are the client’s complete satisfaction along with the audience’s head-to-toe involvement.