The Company

The movement of human beings, equipment or machines can generate order or chaos.
By governing it and supplying it with meaning this movement becomes choreography.

Ivan Manzoni

Materiali Resistenti Dance Factory was founded by choreographer Ivan Manzoni in 1996 as a workshop to go beyond the canons of what is traditionally considered contemporary dance: research on movement, contaminations traversing diverse expressive languages, interaction between body and machine. The company takes its name from Materiali resistenti, the debut-show, which immediately wins prizes and obtains international success.

In 1999 Waterwall marks the success of the company worldwide. The complexity of the scenographic machine the dancers interact with, infinite variations on movement, specially composed music, and the use of the most advanced lighting technologies mark a new frontier in the research work carried out by the Factory. In 2003 the show is awarded the “Total Theatre Award” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and over the years it is presented at renowned theatres and festivals, as well as private and public events in Italy and worldwide.

In parallel Manzoni continues his research on aerials, elaborating important suspended performances combined with parcour techniques and the use of elastic trampolines on the ground to generate an explosive mix.

Bodies are freed from the laws of gravity and glide in the air thanks to a system of ropes and counterweights. Factory dancers fly over rivers, squares, palaces and gardens; climb the sides of buildings and disused architecture, rise over laid tables like improbable flying waiters creating visions and microcosms where time is suspended, enchanted, and mysterious.

Over the years Ivan Manzoni has worked as a choreographer for various event production agencies. For Filmmaster he devised the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games Opening Ceremony aerial choreography of notable dimensions and impact named Symbol of Peace. Other projects include the aerial choreography for the reopening of the Campanile of San Marco in Venice; a performance including a car made up by 20 performers rising 30 metres high for the launching of the new Fiat 500 in Torino; choreographies mixed with parcour for the Mediterranean Games Opening Ceremony in Pescara, for an important private event in Ukraine and for the Ceremony of the 20th anniversary of the Independence in Turkmenistan.

In 2012 Manzoni choreographed the concert of Italian singer Adriano Celentano at the Arena of Verona, starting a new journey in the world of music.